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Thoughts on Diet – #Paleo?

Have you heard of The Paleo Diet?

For practicing martial artists – indeed, for human beings in general – nutrition is crucial.  Just as a car won’t run well on impure gasoline, your body won’t run well on crap food.  You need good fuel to function at your best.

But when it comes to the human body, what is good fuel?

There are as many theories on this as there are athletes in the Olympics.  More, probably.  They all … Continue reading

Setting Goals for Martial Arts and Life

Have you set your goals for the new year yet?

I know, I know – it’s November.  There’s a lot of time for that.  And we still have to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas, right?  We’ll think about goals later.


You should be thinking about your goals all the time.  Every day, before you do something of any significance – go to work, train martial arts, prepare a meal, read a book, begin a creative project, and so on – first take a moment to remind yourself what result you want … Continue reading

Tao of Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee and the Training of the Spirit

 If you’re interested in the study of the martial arts as both a mental and a physical discipline, no work is more essential than Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

In this book, Lee – the first Asian-American martial arts superstar and a grandfather of mixed martial arts (MMA) – expounds upon his principles of ‘Jeet Kune Do’ (JKD), or the ‘Way of the Intercepting Fist’.  He sums up his philosophy thus:

Accept what is … Continue reading

Mindfulness, Sushi, and the Art of Self-Improvement

I have a movie you must see, if you haven’t yet.

It’s called Jiro: Dreams of Sushi.  And it’s amazing.

If you like sushi (I happen to love it), this film will make you hungry.

If you like personal development and the thought of dedicating your life to doing what you love, this film will inspire you.

It’s available on Netflix now.  You can also rent the whole thing on Amazon or YouTube.  Check it out!

The principle this documentary promotes is kaizen, or improvement.  Constant, never-ending improvement.  Dedicating one’s life … Continue reading

Inspiration, Self-Improvement, and Martial Arts Training – New Book Available!

Hey all!

My new book, Mind in the Martial Arts: Why YOU Must Train is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Mind in the Martial Arts 1 - sample cover-page-001


I’m really excited about this start to the Mind in the Martial Arts book series project!  I hope it helps educate, inspire, and motivate both martial artists and non-practitioners alike.

Here’s the book description from Amazon:


What Are Your Goals?

Do you want to:
– Get physically fit?
– Build self-confidence?
– Strengthen … Continue reading

Philosophy, Fighting, and Personal Growth

Mind in the Martial Arts: Why YOU Must Train

Do you want to: - Get physically fit? - Build self-confidence? - Strengthen your willpower? - Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones? - Become more spiritually centered and mentally tough? Then you must read Mind in the Martial Arts: Why YOU Must Train.

The Martial Artist's Mindset

This book outlines the MINDSET – that is, the primary objects of FOCUS and the primary mental and emotional STATES – necessary for success in the martial arts, which can be applied any other endeavor one wants to pursue. Live in the moment. Overcome self-doubt. Handle change. Pursue your goals. And practice constant and never-ending improvement.

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