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Are you enjoying Mind in the Martial Arts?  Then why not click on one of the books below to learn more!

Mind in the Martial Arts Books by Luke Morris

 Do you want to:

  • Get physically fit?
  • Build self-confidence?
  • Strengthen your willpower?
  • Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones?
  • Become more spiritually centered and mentally tough?

Then you must read Mind in the Martial Arts: Why YOU Must Train.

This book outlines the MINDSET – that is, the primary objects of FOCUS and the primary mental and emotional STATES – necessary for success in the martial arts, which can be applied any other endeavor one wants to pursue.

  • Live in the moment
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Handle change
  • Pursue your goals

And practice constant and never-ending improvement with The Martial Artist’s Mindset.

Luke’s Top Recommended Books on Martial Arts, Philosophy, & Personal Development

And Just for Fun…

Luke’s Favorite Martial Arts Movies


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